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More than 35 years supporting customers with their rail needs.

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We can provide your company with the proper support to handle your fleet.


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February, 21, 2024

For Lease and/or Sale. (Please contact us for more info)

Car Type Capacity Amount Notes Specs
TANK 31,800 Gal 200 Built 2010 CPC 1232
TANK 30,000 Gal 19 Sale/Lease DOT 111
TANK 25,500 Gal 30 Lease 117 J New
TANK 21,000 Gal 20 Lease Stainless Steel
HOPPER 3,000 cuft 80 Sale 286 cap
FLAT BOTTOM GONDOLA 7,000 cuft 11 Sale 263 cap
COVERED HOPPER 4,550 cuft 10 Sale 268 cap
GONDOLA 2400-3600 10
TANK 25,500 gal 25 C/ IN VEG OIL SERVICE

About WRR


Western Railroad Cars Inc. (WRR) was incorporated in 1991, with headquarters in California, our initial operation was to provide services to Mexican companies that needed specialized rail equipment. We help support operations in the Cement, Food, Mining, and Chemical industries. Western Railroad Cars Inc. (WRR) currently operates in its fleet diverse types of rail cars and locomotives too. We operate in Mexico, USA and Canada, being Mexico where we have an excellent knowledge of the market.

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